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Liquid Hardener is used in construction method that uses specially creation (modified silicate or denaturized acryl) for infiltration into the pinhole of the concrete’s substrate in order to provide protection against dirt, and increase abrasion resistance, surface strength, and chemical resistance that is much more economical and easy to use product compared to others.

The lithium formulation of Harden-X provides superior concrete strength and protection against dusting, moisture, abrasion, bacteria, chemical attack and the general wear and tear resistance by both interior and exterior surfaces over time.
Chemical reactions of lithium silicates are more stable than those caused by the volatile conventional silicates, allowing the material to penetrate more deeply and react more evenly throughout the concrete. Harden-X reacts with the lime in the concrete to form stable tri-calcium silica structures for maximum hardening, sealing and densification.

Lapidolith, a magnesium flurosilicate concrete liquid hardner, combines with the calcium in the curing process in the concrete shortening the curing process and decreasing the concrete’s moisture with dehydration, further decreasing the any micro-crack. The effect of surface hardener by Lapidolith does not abrase with a simple impact, and blocks the stream of carbon dioxide in the concrete, further neutralizing the structure and preventing any surface pinhole. Furthermore, it forms a fine structure and prevents particle by reacting with the 100% eluting hydrated calcium
Certi-Shine Clear, a potassium Silicate Hardener, chemically reacts with the free lime and hydrated calcium in the concrete permanently, forming solid surface through hardening and densifying. Certi-Shine Clear is a special tool that does not require any scrub or wash in order for the effect. With the use of Certi-Shine Fixative and Certi-Shine Finish Coat Ultra, the surface forms a resistance to various types of oil such as motor oil and food fatty acids.