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Leader in Industrial Chemical manufacturing, BASF has developed more than 40,000 products. IRS has exclusive rights to use MASTERTOP, a leading brand of Ucrete, which is heat-proof as well as chemical-proof, and other products like Anti-Static, Dry Shake, Epoxy, and Urethane System.  IRS strives to keep up with the high standards maintained by BASF.
A British company that specializes in Flooring CM, MTL provides industrial flooring technology to large-scale construction work conducted throughout Europe. Conducting from flooring drawings to general CM services (such as chemicals, application and supervising), MTL is the representative CM company of Britain. We are the exclusive Korean partners of MTL.
SealSource, a professional producer of concrete flooring material, produces and supplies lithium-based floor hardener which has far better construct ability and durability than both sodium-based and potassium-based floor hardeners. In addition, the products of SealSource are approved as eco-friendly by the LEED (United States). Our company is the domestic dealer and contractor for lithium hardener and polishing sealer.
Stonhard’s Flooring Systems is a special flooring material that meets tough requirements like properties of the floor and surface maintenance demanded at industrial settings. This flooring material can especially withstand exposures to strong chemicals, mechanical impact, as well as high temperatures. IRS is a dealer and a constructor of Stonhard’s products in Korea.